Ways Litter Can Impact Our Environment

Even wastes that are as small as you cigarette butts can surely harm our environment especially if they aren’t properly disposed of. This must never come a shocking one provided that plastics can do that too, including those that have been broken down to as tiny as a micrometer. Any litter can go a long way because of different factors like the water waves and wind. Because of that, trash can usually be seen on beaches, sidewalks, and streets. 


Litter is all the things that you improperly discard either because of laziness or carelessness. Another reason why people litter is because they don’t care about the environment. Hence, they haphazardly just throw their trash where it’s convenient, outside their moving automobiles, or even on the streets when no one’s watching. For you to know more, here’s a brief list of typically littered items: 

  • Plastic takeout and Styrofoam containers 
  • Straws 
  • Plastic wrappers 
  • Plastic lids 
  • Plastic bottles? 
  • Plastic bags 
  • Cigarette butts 
  • Bottle caps 


Ingestion by animals 

Plastic litter is hazardous to animals since they could be mistaken as food. Moreover, chemicals can be attached to plastics, making them more hazardous and toxic once ingested by birds and marine animals.? 

Habitat destruction 

Litter can destroy the habitats of land and aquatic animals like the coral reefs. Parts of trash can potentially build up underwater and change the safe living conditions and natural habitat structure of marine animals. Aside from that, plastic particles can bring oxygen and light levels to unsustainable and toxic levels for the marine animals.? 

Zoonotic diseases 

This type of disease is usually caused by animals. Litter is a possible breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Hence, if pests and rodents are attracted to waste as they look for food and encounter piles of litters, such creatures can obtain bacteria that cause disease that will eventually infect human beings.? 


Litter can extremely diminish the air, water, and land’s quality. Moreover, such waste can wind up in waterways like oceans, lakes, and rivers—polluting different bodies of water. As an impact of pollution, marine life can also be extremely affected and this can result in algal blooms and fish kill. Moreover, litter can cause water-borne diseases that can adversely affect the health of humans, animals, and plants. Sharp items like broken glass and metal scraps can be hazardous to aquatic wildlife as well since it can possibly amputate their body parts and infect them. 

Unappealing surrounding 

Try to imagine your most liked place to be packed with litter, waste, and trash. It’s a thought that’s hard to imagine and unsightly. Take note that litter can go on long distances and wind up near the beautiful beaches. As a result, this can drastically impact an area’s aesthetics. Litter in tourist spots, on the streets, and in public spaces can drastically downgrade the area’s beauty and appeal.? 

Due to all of these reasons, we encourage you to dispose of your waste properly by using a junk car Miami FL from a reputable junk removal company.?