Reasons to Go Solar Now

If you know the major reasons why you should go solar now and how solar energy can benefit you and your home, check out the list below:  

Protect the environment 

Going solar is one of the best means to help minimize your carbon footprint. In the United States, buildings are liable for 38% of all carbon emissions, and going solar can particularly minimize such numbers. A usual residential solar panel system can remove 3-4 tons of carbon emission yearly, which can be equated to planting more than 100 trees every year.  

Help your local economy and create jobs 

It’s stated that the solar industry can add jobs way rapidly compared to the total U.S economy. This development is anticipated to go on. Since jobs related to solar are commonly paid higher and can’t be outsourced, they are among the great contributors to the economy of the United States.  

Boost property value 

A lot of studies have observed that homes with solar panel systems sell more quickly and have higher property values compared to non-solar residences. In fact, the appraisers now tend to highly consider homes with solar installations as they price properties at the time of sale. Moreover, while property buyers have been more interested and learning more about solar, the demand for properties armed with solar energy system will keep on rising.  

Secure against increasing energy prices 

One of the best advantages of having Fort Lauderdale solar panels that can surely help you save money is its capability to reduce your utility costs. In the previous 10 years, resident electricity prices have increased by almost 3% every year. If you invest in a solar energy system today, you can have a fixed electricity rate and secure it from unpredictable electricity costs spikes. If you are a property or business owner with changing cash flow, then to go solar can aid you to manage and forecast your expenses as well.  

Obtain a great ROI 

Solar panels are not an expense to get. In fact, they are one of the greatest things to invest in. This can produce a great return on investment that can be likened to those common investments like bonds and stocks. Thanks to the significant energy bill savings, a normal American property owner can pay off their solar panel systems in 7-8 years and eventually earns a return on investment of 20% and beyond.  

It helps to eliminate or even reduce your electric bills 

Regardless if you are a nonprofit, business, or property owner, electricity bills consume a huge part of our expenses every month. If you consider installing solar panel systems, you will produce power for your system almost free of charge throughout a life cycle of 25 years or more. Even though you do not generate 100% of the energy you use, solar can help minimize your electricity bills while saving tons of bucks.  

After knowing all these perks, why don’t you try going solar now? This investment will be worth it. Contact us now for solar installation bookings.